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The greatest green feature of the Montclarion II is its location. As described above, its proximity to mass transit, its highly walkable location (achieving a “Walk Score” of 86), and the fact that it is an urban infill building make it inherently green. Other site attributes include native landscaping that requires no irrigation and site lighting to help make what is a transitioning neighborhood safer to walk through after dark. The building’s apartments are each heated and cooled by their own high efficiency central forced-air HVAC systems, the bills for which will be paid by tenants to promote responsible energy usage. The large windows are all operable and should provide good natural ventilation. The roof has a photovoltaic array. Inside the building, there will be an elevated level of occupant control of lighting and HVAC systems. Efforts to limit the use of volatile organic materials(VOC’s) have been made. Efficient, long-lasting LED light fixtures and energy-star certified appliances have been used throughout the building. The plumbing fixtures all use significantly less water than the baseline performance standards. 
Awarded SILVER LEED Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council