I’ve been with Sionas Architecture for over thirty years. Corporate loyalty happily lives on. In this time, I’ve been able to develop considerable expertise in developing detailed design documents encompassing a wide range of scales and project types – from single family residences to large scale commercial projects. Recently I’ve enjoyed working on the former Luna Stage and Billiards Pill buildings here in Montclair and the Green Village building in Morristown. 

Coordinating LEED certification for the award winning Hillside Square and Academy Square in Montclair have been recent endeavors also. One of the things that drew me to this field is a passion for the involved and thorough thought processes that successful architecture requires. I’ve always found this to be an exciting challenge, right back to the days when I was getting my degree in architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. My range of projects requires extensive research and the opportunities to broaden architectural knowledge are a great part of working life here.