Sionas Architecture, P.C. has over twenty-five years experience in residential design. Residential design projects pose some of the more interesting challenges to Architects and we relish those challenges. Whether it is the design of a new multiple dwelling unit building, or your new dream house, or a transformation of an existing home, we have the expertise. Residential design is very personal, whether it is an aspect of a kitchen or bathroom or the view from a window.  Sionas Architecture’s fundamental goal is and remains to offer our clients the skill to weave together aesthetics and function.

One of our hallmarks is the large number of clients with whom we have long associations, several of which stretch over twenty-five years. We have also executed multiple projects with many of our clients, and not surprisingly, many of our clients turn into good friends.




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20001a.jpg 20001b.jpg 20001c.jpg 20001d.jpg 20001e.jpg 20022a.jpg 20022b.jpg 20022d.jpg 21023a.jpg 21023b.jpg 21023c.jpg heller01.jpg heller02.jpg heller03.jpg heller04.jpg heller05.jpg heller06.jpg heller07.jpg heller08.jpg heller09.jpg heller10.jpg heller11.jpg heller12.jpg clarewill01.jpg clarewill02.jpg clarewill03.jpg clarewill05.jpg clarewill06.jpg clarewill07.jpg clarewill08.jpg clarewill09.jpg clarewill10.jpg clarewill12.jpg clarewill13.jpg 13034a.jpg 13034b.jpg 13034c.jpg 13034d.jpg nmountain1.jpg nmountain2.jpg nmountain3.jpg nmountain4.jpg nmountain5.jpg nmountain6.jpg nmountain7.jpg nmountain8.jpg nmountain9.jpg 98102a.jpg 98102b.jpg 98102c.jpg 98102c1.jpg 98102d.jpg 98102d1.jpg 98102d2.jpg 98102e.jpg 98102f.jpg erwinpark01.jpg erwinpark02.jpg ridgewood01.jpg heller01.jpg heller02.jpg heller03.jpg heller04.jpg gates01.jpg gates02.jpg gates03.jpg gates04.jpg gates05.jpg gates06.jpg gates07.jpg gates08.jpg gates09.jpg gates10.jpg gates11.jpg gates12.jpg gates13.jpg gates14.jpg inwood02.jpg inwood03.jpg inwood04.jpg inwood06.jpg inwood07.jpg 10954a.jpg schrumpf2.jpg schrumpf3.jpg schrumpf4.jpg schrumpf5.jpg schrumpf6.jpg 13045a.jpg 13045b.jpg 13045c.jpg 13045d.jpg 13045e.jpg 13045f.jpg 13045g.jpg 13045h.jpg 13045i.jpg 13045j.jpg 13045k.jpg 11969b.jpg 11969c.jpg 11969d.jpg 11969e.jpg 11969f.jpg 11969g.jpg 11969h.jpg 16038-1.jpg 16038-2.jpg 16038-3.jpg 16038-4.jpg 19055a.jpg 19055b.jpg 19007b.jpg 19017b.jpg 19017c.jpg 22031b.jpg