At Sionas Architecture, our approach to design is a team effort. From the very beginning of the project, your company’s representative is immediately an important part of our team.This team approach to design provides the opportunity for an exciting process with checks and balances along the way.  We offer site and zoning analysis to assist you from the start.We have designed Medical Offices not only for optimal work flow but also for image. Our involvement with Retail has focused on developing attractive well lit spaces with good visibility, and clear and clever signage possibilities. The model used in the design of new Professional Office space is changing rapidly. Most of us spend more time at work than at home. The commercial environment can no longer be a small dimly lit box. Sionas Architecture strives for design that can be enjoyed on many levels, from a well designed site to a building with an influx of natural light and the use of healthy materials. And finally, being in business for over twenty-five years gives us insight into what does and does not work, as well as seeing that your project is constructed quickly while staying on budget.


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20011.jpg 20011a.jpg 20011b.jpg 20011c.jpg 20011d.jpg 20011e.jpg 20011f.jpg 20011g.jpg 20011h.jpg 20011i.jpg 20011j.jpg 20011k.jpg 20011l.jpg 20011m.jpg 20011n.jpg 20011o.jpg 16014a.jpg 16014b.jpg 16014c.jpg 16014d.jpg 16014e.jpg njplasticsurgery01.jpg njplasticsurgery02.jpg njplasticsurgery03.jpg olympic01.jpg olympic02.jpg olympic03.jpg olympic04.jpg olympic05.jpg olympic06.jpg sionasarchitectureoffice01.jpg sionasarchitectureoffice02.jpg phoenix1.jpg phoenix2.jpg phoenix3.jpg phoenix4.jpg phoenix5.jpg phoenix6.jpg enzos01.jpg enzos02.jpg enzos03.jpg jafferjems01.jpg jafferjems02.jpg jafferjems03.jpg facades01.jpg facades02.jpg facades03.jpg facades04.jpg facades05.jpg facades06.jpg facades07.jpg facades08.jpg facades09.jpg a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg 14009a.jpg 14009b.jpg 14009c.jpg 14009d.jpg 14009e.jpg 14009f.jpg 14009g.jpg 14009h.jpg hillsideoffice01.jpg hillsideoffice02.jpg hillsideoffice03.jpg hillsideoffice04.jpg hillsideoffice05.jpg hillsideoffice06.jpg hillsideoffice07.jpg hillsideoffice08.jpg fitzgeralds01.jpg willowoffice01.jpg academysquare01.jpg academysquare02.jpg academysquare03.jpg academysquare04.jpg academysquare05.jpg academysquare06.jpg hillcrestfarms01jpg ctci01.jpg greenvillage1.jpg greenvillage2.jpg coldwellbanker1.jpg coldwellbanker2.jpg coldwellbanker3.jpg coldwellbanker4.jpg coldwellbanker5.jpg coldwellbanker6.jpg 14039.jpg 14039b.jpg 14039c.jpg 14039d.jpg 14043a.jpg 14043b.jpg 14043c.jpg 14043d.jpg 15006a.jpg 15006b.jpg 15006c.jpg 15006d.jpg 15025.jpg 15025b.jpg 15025c.jpg   01.jpg 02.jpg 16034a.jpg 16034b.jpg 16034c.jpg 16034d.jpg 16034e.jpg