A place to worship – a place to enter into spiritual relationship. A Religious facility can reflect a traditional form or can incorporate the new, creative elements of modern architecture. At Sionas Architecture, religious projects allow us to establish working relationships with many enthusiastic representatives of the facility. We believe current worship practices are diverse and that your place of worship is a unique expression of reflection and/or celebration. We are here to serve you, your committee or board. Our firm will be responsive to your needs and concerns, mindful of your budget and thorough in our work. Our team has the elite skills needed to plan, program and design your place of worship, whether it is a new facility or the redesign of an existing facility, a master plan for the future or designing barrier free access for all. We hope you will consider Sionas Architecture for your place of worship.


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union-congregational1-1.jpg hillside1-1.jpg hillside1-2.jpg hillside1-3.jpg hillside1-4.jpg presbyterian1.jpg presbyterian2.jpg presbyterian3.jpg stjohns1-1.jpg stjohns1-2.jpg unitarian1-1.jpg unitarian1-2.jpg   St.-Lukes-a.jpg St.-Lukes-b.jpg St.-Lukes-c.jpg St.-Lukes-d.jpg St.-Lukes-e.jpg St.-Lukes-f.jpg St.-Lukes-g.jpg