Sionas Architecture is proud to be the designers of eight LEED Certified projects completed to date (Greenworks, Academy Square, Hillside Square, Vault491, Montclarion II, Montclair Film, and The Vestry each in Montclair, New Jersey, 211 Broad Street in Red Bank, New Jersey). Our commitment to building Green and Sustainability is the cornerstone of the future that directly impacts our environment. Our design team collaborates with our clients to give them the ability to better understand the many important components that will assist their projects in achieving sustainable goals.

These components can include site planning, energy conservation, water savings, indoor air-quality and waste reduction, interior day lighting, reuse of existing building components, use of non-toxic building materials as well as the selection of sustainable materials and resources. Through the overall applications of these principals we guarantee that our clients will not only have a building that reduces its carbon footprint but also creates an environment that provides healthy interiors while consistently reducing operating costs for property owners.

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Academy Square




Hillside Square






Montclarion II


 Montclair Film



The Vestry



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hillside.jpg hillside1-1.jpg hillside1-10.jpg hillside1-11.jpg hillside1-12.jpg hillside1-13.jpg hillside1-2.jpg hillside1-3.jpg hillside1-4.jpg hillside1-5.jpg hillside1-6.jpg hillside1-7.jpg hillside1-8.jpg hillside1-9.jpg greenworks1.jpg greenworks2.jpg greenworks3.jpg greenworks4.jpg greenworks5.jpg academy1-1.jpg academy1-2.jpg academy1-3.jpg academy1-4.jpg 14040a.jpg 14040b.jpg 14040c.jpg 14040d.jpg 14040e.jpg 14040f.jpg 14040h.jpg 14040i.jpg 14040k.jpg 14040l.jpg 14040m.jpg 14040n.jpg redbank1.jpg redbank2.jpg redbank3.jpg redbank4.jpg redbank4a.jpg redbank5.jpg redbank8.jpg redbank9.jpg redbank9a.jpg redbank9b.jpg redbank9c.jpg redbank9d.jpg m2.jpg m2a.jpg m2b.jpg m2c.jpg m2d.jpg m2e.jpg mfa.jpg mfb.jpg mfc.jpg mfd.jpg mfe.jpg mfee.jpg mff.jpg mfg.jpg mfh.jpg mfi.jpg mfj.jpg {/ppgallery} 15022a.jpg 15022b.jpg 15022c.jpg 15022d.jpg 15022e.jpg 15022g.jpg 15022h.jpg 15022n.jpg